Who's Who Around The Cage

Sergio Bartarelli - PROMOTER. Sergio is the head of the IVC Promotion.

Jeff Blatnik - COMMISSIONER. Jeff is a former Olympic Wrestler who serves as commissioner for the Mixed Martial Arts Council.

Michael and Bruce Buffer - RING ANNOUNCERS. The Buffers popularized the "Let's Get Ready to Rumble" phrase and have served as anouncers for the UFC, as well as for Boxing and Professional Wrestling events.

Cal Cooper - JOURNALIST. Cal is a journalist who has been covering HNB/MMA events for years.

Monte Cox - PROMOTER/MANAGER. Monte is the promoter of the extremely successful Extreme Challenge shows in the mid-west. He is also the manager of some of the Mid-West fighters who compete in his events.

Art Davie - PROMOTER. Art was one of the original promoters of the UFC, who left the sport to promote K-1 events in the United States, shortly after the death of Douglas Dedge.

Michael Depasquel, Jr. - JUDGE. Michael is a high ranking instructor of Yoshitsune Jiu-Jitsu and has acted as Judge at several UFC events.

Joel Gold - JOURNALIST. Joel is an editor and photographer for Full Contact Fighter Magazine.

Helio Gracie - TRAINER. Helio is one of the founders of the Gracie style of Jjiu-Jitsu and has been a cornerman for his son, Royce, at many of his fights.

Rorion Gracie - PROMOTER/MANAGER. Rorion is the head of the Helio Gracie family and a top instructor of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. He is credited with creating the concept of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, which he modeled after the Vale Tudo contests the Gracie family used to hold. He served as co-promoter of the UFC for several of the first events. He also coached his brother Royce for his fights in the UFC and served as his corner.

Kathy Kidd - PRODUCER. Kathy served as coordinating producer for the first five UFC events and later worked on the World Combat Championship.

Kid Peligro - JOURNALIST. Kid Peligro is a balck belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu who covers Jiu-Jitsu and No Holds Barred competitions.

Gene "Judo" Lebelle - TRAINER. Gene is a former Jduo Champion and Professional Wrestler who won a mixed martial arts bout against a boxer in the 60's. He now trains many of the top competitors in the world of NHB fighting.

Phyliss Lee - MANAGER. Phyliss manages a stable of Mid-West American fighters which includes some well known names, such as Gary Meyers, Jason Godsey and Brian Gassaway among others.

Jamie Levine - PROMOTER. Jamie is the promoter of the WEF events.

Akira Maeda - PROMOTER. Akira is a successful Japanese fighter who started the RINGS organization in Japan.

"Big" John McCarthy - REFEREE. Big John (6'3", 270 lbs.) is the UFC's senior referee. He is a member of the Los Angeles Police Department and has studied a number of martial arts including Kenpo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling. He has been an active voice in the political strugles of the UFC and has also served as a referee for the WEF. Holds a joint trade mark over the phrase, "Let's get it on!" with celebrity Boxing referee, Mills Lane.

Bob Meyorwitz - PROMOTER. President of SEG, the company that currently produces the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

John Milius - RING DESIGNER. John is a Hollywood movie writer and director who designed the original octagon style cage for the first UFC.

Steve Nelson - PROMOTER. Steve is the head of the United Shoot Wrestling Federation (USWF) based out of Armarillo, Texas. He is also an active competitior in his own events.

Chris Onzuka - JOURNALIST. Chris has covered many NHB/MMA events in the year 2000 and has interviewed many top fighters.

Christopher Peters - PROMOTER. Chris attempted to raise the bar for NHB/MMA events by offering higher prize money in his WCC event. However the show had financial problems after the first event and is now defunct.

Jeff Osborne - PROMOTER. Jeff is not only the promoter of Hook 'n' Shoot, but he has even been an active competitor in the event.

John Peretti - MATCHMAKER. John is the man who scouts the talent for the UFC. He is also the former matchmaker for the now defunct Extreme Fighting show. He is an experienced kickboxer and martial artist and has served as a corner for some of his UFC fighters.

Stephen Quadros - JOURNALIST. Stephen is an experienced actor, martial artis and journalist who has covered martial arts and full contact fighting events for many years. He currently serves on the IVC governing body.

Susumu - PHOTOGRAPHER. Susumu is the world's leading photographer for NHB/MMA competitions.

T.J. Thompson - PROMOTER. T.J. is the the promoter of the Super Brawl events who has worked closely with officials in Shooto and other organizations.

Rafiel Torre - JOURNALIST. Rafiel is a former Abu Dhabi competitor with experience in Kykushinkai and Jiu-Jitsu. He has become a prolific writer for NHB/MMA news and has covered many events, interviewing many of the top fighters in the sport. He has worked for ADCC News, Subsmission Fighter and is general manager for the new Modern Gladiator Magazine.

Terry Trebilcock - PROMOTER. Terry is the promoter of the King of the Cage events.

Ron Van Clief - COMMISSIONER. Ron is a martial arts legend, 10th degree black belt, and former UFC competitor who served briefly as comissioner for the UFC's governing body, the IFC.

Bill "Superfoot" Wallace - COMMENTATOR. Bill is a former undefeated kickboxer, legendary martial artist and columnist for Black Belt Magazine. He was a commentator at the first UFC and was a spectator at many others.

Don "The Dragon" Wilson - COMMENTATOR. Don is a former kickboxing champion, wrestler and martial arts movie star who has served as a guest commentator for a wide number of mixed martial arts events, including the UFC and King of the Cage events.

Celebrities who have attended NHB events:

UFC: David Hasslehoff (actor), Michelle "Mouse" Krasnoo (actor/karate champion)

Superbrawl: Shaqueil O'Niel and the Los Angeles Lakers