DISCLAIMER: This listing of competitors does not necisarily include all of the best fighters, nor does it assume to disclude some of the worst fighters. The list is primarily meant to give info on some of the fighters who seem to most often be a source of interest to MMA fans. It should be noted that some very good fighters were left out simply due to lack of time and information personally available to me and some fighters only appear on the list because I personally found them interesting. I do not have the time or resources to make the list as complete as I would like nor do I have the time and resources to verify that all the information in these profiles is totally acurate and/or up to date. Most of it was accumulated from interviews I have read on the internet or from profiles made available on Pay-Per-View telecasts. That is not to say that those sources were not lying, exagerating, or otherwise misleading the public about a given fighters stats or history. If you would like to send me information that you do not find in this listing, feel free to do so. If you would like me to correct any information you believe to be in error, you may also feel free to write. However, the information you send may or may not be included for any number of reasons, but I appreciate any genuine attempts to help me promote the sport.